DATA Dragon Senior Spotlight – February 2019

Moenisa Flores

This month’s “Senior Spotlight” is Moenisa Flores aka “Moe”. She has been going to DATA since her Freshmen year. The main thing that brought her to our small charter was our Architecture program.

When Moe looks back on her time here at DATA she doesn’t pull out a specific memory. She pulls out several that she can look back on fondly, from memories of her teachers and peers to learning something new. “The happy feeling when you finally finish a project in Krehoff’s.” When she figured something out in math or just getting to spend time with her friends during lunch. Moe feels that all of these collections of memories that she holds make DATA great.

Moe is a naturally with design and really enjoys going to her Auto-CAD course and her History courses. Her favorite food is french fries and she can listen to any music “as long as it has a good beat and a good bass line.” Her favorite color is a grayish blue.

After graduation, she plans on going into an architecture program. She has already been accepted to attend University of New Mexico and is still waiting to hear from her “dream college,” University of Oregon in Eugene, OR.

“What makes the desert beautiful is somewhere it hides a well.” ~ The Little Prince

Teachers and staff were asked to share their thoughts on Parker and they had the following to say:

“Moe is a dedicated, hard-working, determined young woman. She tries, tries, and keeps trying to make sure she can grasp ideas and concepts and successfully use them. Moe is also giving. She is a humble volunteer to help where needed and passionate participant in clubs throughout the DATA community. Moe’s drive for success will take her far in life. – Ms. Piechota 

“Moe wants to have a successful life and she pursues that dream everyday. She wants to learn and not only does what she needs to, but she always asks questions that bring her learning to a higher level. There is no questions that she is self-directed, but what is truly special about her is how caring and invested she is in other people. She is respectful, polite, funny, clever, and a postive example of what a student should be.” ~ Mrs. Vazquez 

“Moe is an exceptional student and person. Moe went to Peru with the International Club two years ago. She was very adventurous and curious, intermingled with the locals and played soccer with the kids. It was a pleasure to have her along. She represented DATA and our country well.” ~Ms. Verdugo

“Moe has a wonderful, positive attitude. Moe has a great work ethic and ability to learn. Overall, Moe is a model student and person and great to be around!” ~ Mr. Gloyd

“Moe has really taken on leadership roles and is coming out of her comfort zone.” ~ Mr. Macdonald

“Great tech! Steady, committed, respectful, and good when working with younger students.” ~ Ms. Rael

GREAT JOB MOE! We look forward to the many accomplishments you are going to continue to have in life. Keep up the fantastic work! 


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