DATA Dragon Senior Spotlight – January 2019

Parker Alcone

This month’s “Senior Spotlight” is Parker Alcone. He has been enrolled at DATA for all four years of high school.  He says he made up his mind to attend here for two reasons:

  1. Several of his close friends in middle school were coming here.
  2. The great classes offered such as Film, Graphic Arts, and Architecture.

Parker likes to look back fondly on his Freshman year and says he particularly enjoyed it. It was tougher than middle school, but very exciting to get to know new people and explore the different electives. One of his favorite things has been just making memories with his friends in the courtyard during lunch. They get to enjoy their meals outside and play games and relax.

Another thing Parker really likes at DATA is math class. He attributes this mostly to Mr. Gloyd, who “has been a wonderful math teacher and has made the class much more enjoyable for me during my time at DATA.” His other favorite things include sushi, rock and metal music, and the color green. Parker participates at the school in various ways with a role in the PC Repair department as a senior technician and a member of the National Honor Society.

After graduation, he plans on attending New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico to pursue a career in Information Technology with a focus on computer science or engineering. He has already been accepted to the school. Great job Parker!

He also has offered some advice to the DATA underclassmen: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether from your peers or your teacher. Getting the help you need can be the difference between failing and passing, and most are more than willing to help.”

Plus he thinks you should know: “CATS  > DOGS.”

Teachers and staff were asked to share their thoughts on Parker and they had the following to say:


“Parker is an excellent role model for his peers. He exemplifies one of our school procedures “step up, step back” perfectly. Although Parker almost always knows the answer to prompted questions in class, he will wait and allow others to answer so as to not overpower the class. He is very personable and easy to work with. When working in a small group, he takes on leadership positions such as organizing tasks and helping others struggle with difficult readings.” ~ Ms. Moore 

“Parker is an exceptional student and I.T. Technician. His remarkable problem solving skills and intuition are an asset to the group.” ~ Mr. Stuyvesant

“Parker is self-directed, goal oriented and has a zest for learning rarely seen in a student his age. He can be both, a leader and an effective team member.  He asks relevant, above grade level questions. He provides insights that are clever, and indicate depth of thinking and reasoning. He is also amiable, respectful, polite, honorable and thoughtful. ” ~ Ms. Vazquez 

“He is always committed to what he puts his mind to. He takes an interest in programs and opportunities given to him. Parker is straightforward and has a noble work ethic. Parker takes a personal investment in himself to strive to get better and his leadership role as a tech within the DATA community.” ~ Mrs. Piechota

“Parker is a highly-skilled illustrator with unique and creative ideas. He practices patience and leadership with underclassmen when helping teach a skill or mentor them. He is always respectful, kind, and quick to help when asked.” ~ Ms. Lawson

“Parker is an excellent mathematician. He earned the highest overall grade in every class that I’ve had with him. He works hard, pays attention to detail and has great intellect. While he performs at high levels, he maintains humility and fun, relatable personality. ” ~ Mr. Gloyd

Keep up the great work Parker! We can’t wait to see all the places you will go and the things you will accomplish in life. 


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