Student Spotlight

Sheyla Renteria

Sheyla Renteria enrolled at DATA in 2015 after her family moved to New Mexico from Lima, Peru.  She did not speak any English and recalls her first meeting with our school counselor, “I did not know any English and all I heard was blah, blah, blah.” Sheyla said she was very nervous about going to a school where all classes were in English, but after praying about it, her mind was at peace.  Her faith plays a major role in her life. As Sheyla put it, “I think I am successful because God is in my heart.”

Sheyla is also successful because she loves doing homework (stating she feels empty when she does not have any) and reading, especially history. Sheyla takes dual credit courses at CNM and is also studying French.  She loves her math class, her favorite subject, and will be taking the AP Calculus exam this spring. Her love of learning and desire to always do her best has landed her in the top 10% of her graduating class. When told that her teachers admire the time and effort she puts in to create high quality, exceptional work, she said someone once said this to her, “Tell me what you are doing today and I will tell you what you will be doing tomorrow.” It is always about doing your best so you continue to grow each day.

Sheyla recently completed a program called the Perry Initiative for Women in Engineering and Medicine and she has been accepted at the University of New Mexico where she plans on studying medicine. We are grateful for the contributions she has made to our school and we are proud of her accomplishments. She represents qualities and characteristics we all value: kindness, compassion, a generous spirit and the ability to believe and follow her dreams. She has been a change agent and we are confident she will continue to change the world for the better.


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