DATA Dragon Senior Spotlight – November 2018

Elias Padilla

This month’s “Senior Spotlight” is Elias Padilla. He has been enrolled at DATA  since his freshman year.  He decided to attend DATA because he loves technology and his mom spoke highly of the school thanks to Skills USA.

Being here for four years has helped Elias make many great memories. In fact, he says he has made so many amazing memories while attending that he can’t choose just one and rather just say his whole experience of going to DATA is his favorite memory. (Thanks Elias!) He said he has never regretted choosing our school to get his high school education. His favorite subject here is science (“all the way”). Other favorites he has are pizza (favorite food), pop/rock (favorite music), and the color red.

In addition to loving his academic courses, he has thrived as a leader in the PC Technicians program (being the manager of the IT group this year) and on the soccer field where he has helped mentor his younger classmates and dominated the sport. After Elias graduates in the Spring, he plans to go to CNM in Albuquerque and earn his degree in Cyber Security.

His senior quote for the year is, “The line between light and dark is so very thin. Do you know which side you’re on?” by Uldren Sov

Teachers and staff were asked to share their thoughts on Elias and they had the following to say:

“Elias stepped up to manage the IT group this year and has done a great job directing the team. As a support liason he communicates effectively and is regularly praised by DATA staff and students as well as external customers for his attention to detail and follow through. ” ~ Mr. Josh Stuyvesant (IT)

“Elias is an outstanding leader and a great mentor to his classmates and team mates. He is always smiling and willing to help anyone at any time of need. I have seen him grow and mature into an outstanding and positive young man. ” ~ Ms. Angelina Zamaripa (front desk)

“I have watched Elias not only push himself to be a better student and soccer player on the field, but also influence his teammates and classmates. He is always a respectful and friendly person to others!” – Ms. Stephanie Grilo (Drama)

“Elias has emerged as a responsible young man willing to go the extra mile for his peers and to put forth the effort needed to consistently grow and improve as a student. ” ~ Ms. Lisa Myhre (principal)

“Elias has been a leader on the Soccer field and is always will try and help out with whatever the team needs. He puts others needs before his own even if it means he sometimes goes without.” ~ Coach Rick Worthington

“He is compassionate, kind, and open-minded which makes him a good leader and role model in our school.” ~ Ms. Alix Rael (Humanities)

“Elias is reliable, intelligent, thoughtful, and creative. He does, or has done, sports, computer tech, film, and other volunteer and tech duties at the school and encourages others to do their best. He is always friendly and appropriate and is an important part of the DATA community!” ~Mr. Justin Macdonald (Assistant Principal)

“When I asked for help with technology such as when I was subbing for various teachers and or if Ms. Groneman needs help with the Cow Cart, Elias is always professional and accurate.  I remember I was in the West Lab and that printer was open and torn apart. I saw him and asked him if he could fix it. It looked like a kid or teacher tried to fix it. He was able to restart it going thru the steps very carefully. He also reminded everyone there that Techs were supposed to fix things, not untrained teachers or kids.  He is great at his job.” ~Ms. Diane Styma (Educational Assistant)

“Elias is a stand up young man. He knows how to have fun, but still take care of business. He has a great attitude and works well with others. It’s always a pleasure to work with Elias in class. ” ~Mrs. Amy Piechota (English)



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