Registration Process

If you would like to register your student at DATA, the law requires that student admission for the regular school year be done by lottery. If you would like your student to be included in an upcoming lottery, please email the information below to Ms. Angelina ( She can also inform you about the current enrollment status and answer any questions.

  • Item 1: Year for which you would like to register your student
  • Item 2: Student’s legal first & last name, current grade, expected grade next year, current school attending, and if the student has an I.E.P. or any special education services
  • Item 3: Parent’s name, phone number, email address & if they have Microsoft Word software (the registration packet is in Word), address
  • Item 4: If the parent wants his/her student to be on the lottery list for day school, afternoon school (online), or both & which is their preference
  • Item 5: How the family heard about DATA

If you have a middle school student and are interested
in DATA, schedule a tour and/or contact us at the beginning
of his/her 8th grade year to be included in the lottery. 

Lottery Policy & Procedures

Education Options


At DATA, a tuition-free charter school in Albuquerque, students have the opportunity to earn full high school diplomas in small classroom settings. At DATA, average enrollment is only 250-300 students for grades 9-12, and the student to teacher ratio is 20:1 (lower in freshman classes). Our curriculum is carefully constructed by our instructors to ensure that common core standards are met, while providing frequent cross-curricular opportunities. Our elective programs are designed to prepare students for the rigors of collegiate technical courses.


DATA also offers a Half Day Online for those who learn best in an online environment or who are not able to attend earlier in the day due to extenuating circumstances. Half Day Online hours are 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Monday through Thursday; and students use the state-approved E2020 online curriculum to complete the courses they need for graduation. With diligent effort, students are able to complete courses early, if they choose to do so.


DATA also offers distance-learning opportunities for students who are in need of credit recovery and who may be enrolled full-time at another school via online courses taught through the state-approved E2020 online curriculum. In this program, students may work independently at home or at DATA during Afternoon School hours. Online classes must be completed by DATA’s deadline, or by home high school’s deadline, whichever is first. Tuition cost is $180 per half credit/semester class, and payment must be made at DATA in cash, personal check, cashier’s check, or money order. Register at the school between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm.

Student & Parent Handbook

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