2020-2021 Openings:

Special Education Teacher (grades 8-12)

CAD / 3D Printing Teacher (grades 8-12)

School Snapshot:

DATA is an A-rated, student-centered, inclusive and innovative school that has served the Albuquerque area for over a decade.  Our forward-thinking team of educators is committed to extending the classroom experience to meet individual students where they are in their social and emotional development, while challenging them with courses that are rigorous and foster insightful, empathetic, and adaptive citizenship.  In addition to grades 9-12, we will have grade 8 starting in 2020-2021.


Teacher Qualifications:

We are seeking those with content and pedagogical expertise to fill our teaching positions and look forward to hearing from educators who have a passion for teaching and a desire to inspire students. To be considered, applicants must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and have or be able to obtain the appropriate licensure and endorsement(s).

Salaries are dependent on licensure level, education, and experience.

To apply, qualified applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to


1011 Lamberton NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Phone: (505) 341-0888
Fax: (505) 341-0658

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