Greetings DATA Graduates and Parents,

I appreciate your patience and understanding as we develop a graduation ceremony for our students. Although it is not ideal, we want to honor our graduates as soon as possible. We realize that we cannot accommodate everyone’s schedules or prior commitments and for that we apologize.

Based on the feedback we have received from students we will hold the ceremony this Saturday May 23rd at DATA. The logistics and details are outlined below and we ask that you adhere to them. We needed to consider traffic flow, safety concerns, as well as time spent in a long line of cars. Therefore, we ask that you follow these procedures and expectations.

In order to ensure we do not have students/families waiting in cars for over an hour we ask that you arrive at the designated times according to last names listed below:

9:30 ADKINS through JOHNS

10:30 JUNO through WHITESIDE

We know you will not be in alphabetical order as you are in your cars and that is fine, we will be able to get your diploma and have it ready by the time you reach the back of the school.


1. Drive Southbound on Pan American Frontage Road

2. Turn RIGHT onto Broadbend Parkway NE

3. As the road curves, you will approach Lamberton PL NE, Turn RIGHT

4. Drive down past CYFD and enter the parking lot through the back of the school

5. After receiving diploma, continue to circle to the front of the school and stop for picture

6. Exit out of school parking lot, and drive south till you hit MENAUL BLVD – turn right to exit.


Students are encouraged to wear their caps and gowns


EVERYONE is required to wear a face mask as ordered by the NM Health Dept. Diplomas will not be issued to students without a mask

● Masks will be required of everyone in public places, with exceptions for eating, drinking and exercising and medical requirements. The mask requirement is based in part on a recent study that found if 80 percent of us adopt a simple homemade face mask, we could reduce deaths from COVID-19 by 17-45 percent over two months.

● Gloves are NOT required. Maintain 6ft distance (social distancing measures) staff from students basically, so no hugging, sorry guys

● Hand sanitizer will be used after each diploma is issued, no handshakes, but a fist bump is OK


● One vehicle per family allowed, DO NOT HONK and be loud UNTIL AFTER your graduate’s name is announced. Families will not be able to hear the announcement of the graduate if everyone is honking

● Graduating Students should exit the car, have their name read and proceed to pick up diploma

● After the diploma is received, family should proceed to exit DATA

● Students and families are WELCOME TO DECORATE THEIR CARS


● Students will get their photo taken when they receive their diploma at the car

● There may be an additional opportunity to have a photo taken of student/family as they leave DATA at the southwest exit. This is still in the planning stages.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you,

Lisa Myhre

Principal, DATA