9:15 am    Senior Graduation Rehearsal – KIMO Theater

  •  There is parking in front and behind the building.
  • Full dress for ceremony, including cap and gown (see dress code below)
  • Once seniors arrive, they will not be allowed to leave the building until after the graduation ceremony.
  • After rehearsal, DATA will have breakfast burritos and bottled water for the seniors to eat in the area designated for this.

 11:30 am    Doors Open for Family and Friends

  •  If guests would like to arrive earlier and stand in line for the 11:30 opening, they are welcome to do so.
  • If you require handicap/accessible seating please let us know so we can make arrangements.

12 noon      Graduation Ceremony at KIMO Theater



  • Monday, 5/13/19: Seniors each get 7 tickets; and if they need more, they must let the front desk know right away so their request for extra tickets can be added to the list.
    • Requests for extra tickets can still be added to the list through the end of Monday, 5/13/19, by calling the front desk at 341-0888 x210. 
  • Tuesday through Friday, 5/14 – 5/17/19: Tickets can be picked up at the DATA front desk any time during school hours on these dates.
    • Note: we will also have the tickets at the Awards Program on Wednesday, so families can pick them up there.
  • Tuesday morning, 5/14/19: This is when we will know how many extras we can give to those on the list and these will be added to the respective student’s original 7 for pick up.
  • Friday, 5/17/19: If we cannot give everyone the exact number of extra tickets they requested, families can call the school before noon on this morning to see if we have any more extra tickets from seniors do not need all of their tickets. If so, they can pick up these additional extra tickets in the afternoon before school ends.