To: DATA Community

RE: Schedule Change Pilot

Date: 10/24/2018

Hello students, parents, and staff.  We at DATA are continuously looking at ways to improve the learning and well-being of our students.  Therefore, we have decided to pilot a schedule change that will mean changing the order of classes on Mondays and Tuesdays for the next three weeks.  We hope to gain insight into student engagement, lethargy, motivation, and other factors in classes if classes are at different times during the day.

We believe this change will enable students to have renewed engagement in classes by avoiding certain causes of disengagement which might occur at certain times of the day, such as being tired at the end of the day, not being fully awake in the morning, being hungry before lunch, or tired after lunch.  We emphasize that this change only affects a total of 6 days which are: Oct 29th –30th.  Nov. 5th-6th, and Nov 12th-13thThe change will be as follows:



4th period         8:00 – 8:55

5th period         8:58 – 9:53

6th period         9:56 – 10:51

7th period         10:54 – 11:49

LUNCH          11:49 – 12:31

1st period         12:34 – 1:29

2nd period        1:32 – 2:27

3rd period         2:30 – 3:25



6th period         8:00 – 8:55

7th period         8:58 – 9:53

1st period         9:56 – 10:51

2nd period        10:54 – 11:49

LUNCH          11:49 – 12:31

3rd period         12:34 – 1:29

4th period         1:32 – 2:27

5th period         2:30 – 3:25


Wednesday and Friday will remain the same.

There will be a slight change on Thursdays; advisory will move from its normal time after 3rd period, 11:10 – 11:35, to a new time between 1st and 3rd period, at 9:35 – 10:00, and 3rd period will then be 10:03 – 11:35, however, this should have no effect on student schedules).

Any students that will be affected by this change due to work, class, or other engagements, will be accommodated by teachers and staff.   Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns.


Justin MacDonald

Digital Arts and Technology Academy

Albuquerque, NM 87107