Dear DATA Community,

The New Mexico Department of Public Education today confirmed that all public schools will be closed for three weeks starting on Monday March 16th. Currently, we expect to resume classes as normal on April 6th.   Please keep in mind tomorrow, Friday March 13th is a regular school day.  We are encouraging students to come to school tomorrow so we can discuss with them what learning will be like for the next three weeks, etc.  We will also communicate with you in the coming days about how students will continue to their learning.

Albuquerque Public Schools continues to monitor the coronavirus situation, and we continue to take precautionary measures to keep our school safe. As announced, APS has suspended out of state travel for staff and students and DATA is doing the same. DATA is an APS charter school and is updated daily regarding district wide plans and procedures.

Currently, we are implementing the following to decrease the possible spread of the virus:

1.    The Washington DC trip has been postponed until July

2.    The June Costa Rica trip is up in the air, updates to be shared soon

3.    All charter school sporting events have been suspended until further notice

4.    Students who have or who have direct contact with family members who have a compromised immune system may request consideration for a distance learning option.

5.     Having staff or students, self-report if they feel they are at risk of having COVID-19 or to direct specific health related questions to the NM Coronavirus Hotline  1-855-600-3453

6.    Encouraging good hand hygiene,

7.    Covering coughs or sneezes with the inside of an elbow

8.    Avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth

9.    Monitor staff and student absenteeism

It is expected we will see more cases of the coronavirus in New Mexico, and while we want our parents, students, and staff to be aware, we don’t want to create panic. We are carrying on instruction day to day and want to reassure parents and students that while the situation is concerning, our main goal is to maintain a sense of normalcy while following the guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) We also have disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer available throughout the school and students and staff are asked to wipe down keyboards and surfaces with disinfectant wipes after use.

DATA faculty have distant learning options which include use of teacher websites, Edmodo, Google Docs, alternative assignments, and Edgenuity: an online option for all core classes. Since we do have to close for a period of time, we are confident we can maintain instructional options, but will, of course, need the support of our parents in order to monitor student progress. Tomorrow we will talk to students about what that will look like for each class and continue to communicate with parents and students.

As in all cases, if your student is sick, please inform the school and keep them at home. If you feel they have been in contact with someone who may have been exposed to the virus, inform DATA immediately so we can proceed accordingly. Also, contact the NMDOH at their hotline 1-855-600-3453 for further guidance.

I know you may have many questions regarding future events and procedures. Please reach out with your questions and concerns. We will keep you updated and will forward all APS district communications we receive.

Lisa Myhre

Principal, DATA