Traditional Animation

Grade: 10-12

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 elective.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Experimental Animation (animation wheel course)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class expands on the information learned in the Experimental Animation class. Students will learn about the history of traditional hand drawn animation and the impact that this relatively new art form has had on cinema around the world. Students will learn about the 12 principles of animation and the 10 elements of style that will help them make their own animations successful. Character development, script writing, editing, sound design and acting for animation will also be implemented. A solid foundation in drawing will also be practiced.

3-D Animation and Modeling

Grade: 11-12

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 elective.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Traditional Animation

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course students will explore building characters, props, tools and environments using various 3D software. The principles of 3D lighting, textures, and image mapping of NURBS and polygons will be covered. An historical look at the advancement and innovations in this field will also be shared and discussed.



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