Algebra 1

Grade: 9

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 (graduation requirement)

Pre-requisite: None


This course is a skills-based approach that includes mathematical concepts for working with rational numbers, various expressions, analyzing and solving linear equations & inequalities, data analysis, probability, statistics, and polynomials. In addition, exposure to higher order questions will prepare students for standardized tests.


Grade: 10

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 in Mathematics, this course is designed to support transfer students and students who struggled with Algebra 1

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course, students will learn a mixture of Algebra and Geometry. Within the first quarter, you will have reinforced the foundational math from Algebra 1. In the second quarter, you will expand on your Algebra 1 knowledge as you learn the basics of Geometry and the beginnings of Algebra 2. Throughout the third quarter, you will dive deeper into Algebra 2. During the fourth quarter, you will focus on understanding formulas in relation to Geometry and Algebra 2, while also reviewing the concepts from the entire school year.

Algebra 2

Grade: 10

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 in Mathematics, required for graduation

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is offered after Algebra 1 and before Geometry. In Algebra 2, students will utilize and further develop problem-solving techniques while uncovering ways to relate math to career situations and community enhancement. Students have the opportunity to master advanced topics including statistics, complex and imaginary numbers, multivariable systems of equations, function transformations, quadratic functions, radical functions, rational functions, trigonometric functions, exponential functions and logarithmic functions. We will explore links between these concepts their CTE classes and other content areas.


Grade: 11

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 in Mathematics, required for graduation

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Unlike virtually every other academic study in history, plane Geometry has remained largely unchanged for nearly 2500 years. In fact, it has changed so little that it is still commonly named for the Greek mathematician who organized its rules. Based on logical argument and organized reasoning, Euclidean Geometry is also one of the mathematical studies most commonly used outside of the classroom, out in the real world. In this course, students will utilize and develop problem-solving techniques while exploring ways to relate math to real life situations. Coordinate geometry and spatial relationships will be explored, and basic formulas and relationships will be used and practiced.


Grade: 12

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 in Mathematics, required for graduation

Recommended: Successful completion (70% or above, and specific teacher recommendation) of Algebra 1 & 2 and Geometry

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will prepare advanced mathematics students for collegiate math courses in calculus and statistics. Students will analyze and apply complex numbers, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions, and will explore the concepts of radian and analytic trigonometry, the laws of sines and cosines and planar vectors. Finally, students will learn to analyze and manipulate probabilities and sequences and explore topics in analytic geometry, including limits, conics and polar equations. This class includes advanced mathematics concepts, and requires permission from the instructor prior to enrollment.

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Grade: 10-12, priority given to 12th graders

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 0.5 credit each (in Mathematics or elective as needed) – CNM Dual Credit Course

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Financial Literacy is a life-skills course offered for seniors, and some juniors.

One semester will be a dual credit course, featuring CNM’s FIN 1010. This course is taken online and allows students to experience the reality of college deadlines and responsibilities while learning about the larger world of money.

Financial Mathematics will equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage money in a responsible way.  Topics are wide ranging, including simple and compound interest, credit, how to save/invest money, and how to choose a career.


Grade: 12

Semester: Year-long course

Credit: 1.0 in Mathematics

Recommended: Successful completion (70% or above, and specific teacher recommendation) of Pre-Calculus

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is an in-depth study in derivatives and integrals. The first semester will start with a review of limits followed by the definition of the derivative, differentiation properties and techniques and culminating with applications of derivatives. The second semester consists of a review of summation followed by the definition of the integral, integration properties and techniques and ending with applications of integrals. During the second semester, students will have the opportunity to register for and take the AP Calculus Exam to earn college credit.

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