Physical Education

Grade: 9-12

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 credits required for graduation

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The physical education program provides an instructional base in selected lifetime leisure and sports skills. Students are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own well-being by developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to achieve their optimum level of physical fitness and satisfaction. Students will do the following: refine specific skills in order to effectively participate in a variety of activities; complete a health-related fitness test and establish appropriate personal goals; know, understand, and apply rules, strategy, terminology, safety measures, and bio-mechanical principles for physical activities performed; know, understand, and apply the concepts of physical fitness; demonstrate acceptable behavior in the areas of respect, responsibility, leadership and group membership; participate actively and vigorously in daily class activities; develop an appreciation for the roles of spectators as well as participants.


Grade: 10-12

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 elective

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Personal Fitness program will offer students the opportunity to develop both muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Students will learn to examine fitness in a variety of ways. Students will strength train and get involved in sport activities. Students will learn a variety of ways to become fit and healthy and maintain health and fitness.

Team and Individual Sports

Grade: 9-12

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 elective

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course emphasizes learning and improving techniques, skills, and strategies in team and individual sports. It prepares the student to assist with teaching and coaching sports to young children. Activities include, but are not limited to: Volleyball, kickball, field hockey, table tennis, soccer, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee. Students will become proficient in a variety of sports. Students will also learn to strength train for each sport specifically. Students will participate actively and vigorously in sport and strength training.


Grade: 9-12

Semester: Semester 1

Credit: 0.5 health

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Personal health emphasizes the importance of knowledge, attitude and practice relating to personal health and wellness. It is a course designed to expose students to a broad range of issues and information relating to various areas of personal health. This includes the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and environmental aspects. Topics explore the importance of nutrition, physical fitness, first aid, body image, life skills, coping with conflict and stress, friends and family, caring for your body, drug, tobacco and alcohol use, good decision making and adulthood. The course encourages students to focus on a healthy lifestyle that permits healthy habits such a diet, exercise, critical thinking skills and mental awareness.


Grade: 10-12

Semester: Year long course

Credit: 1.0 elective

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course emphasizes on the importance of team and individual sports on a competitive level. Students will test their strength, endurance, cardiovascular and muscle strength through active participation in variety of activities such as volleyball, football, soccer, golf, kickball, capture the flag, dodge ball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, badminton, tennis, softball, table tennis, weight lifting and team building activities. Students become proficient and focus on skill execution, technique, strategies and the importance of conditioning athletes through vigorous training and exercise principals and mechanics that are safe and effective. Students will apply this to future participation in sports at the competitive level and will learn to demonstrate acceptable behavior such as good sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and leadership.


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