Option 1

After parent input along with CDC and New Mexico Health Department regulations, we have chosen to begin the 2020-21 school year in a virtual setting for the 1st quarter with the possibility of moving to a hybrid format second quarter. This schedule will include all core courses and DATA electives that students have selected, taught by DATA teachers.

This means students will adhere to their regular scheduled 7 classes plus advisory, with a few adjustments. First quarter will focus on periods 2, 4 and 6 and also have a scheduled advisory period. Classes will meet virtually Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri. Wednesdays will be used for enrichment and social activities along with teacher professional development. Students will have fewer courses to manage and teachers will be able to focus on power standards with fewer students. There are also scheduled office hours in which students/parents may make virtual appointments with subject teachers, advisors, or administration. Students would then complete the semester credit by the end of 1st quarter. The detailed schedule is attached.

Second quarter will focus on periods 1, 3, 5, and 7, with advisory happening on Wednesdays. This format will also allow students to earn a full semester credit within one quarter as well. If students return to campus for 2nd quarter, it will be under the guidelines of New Mexico PED, CDC, and New Mexico Department of Health. We would split the students into two groups alphabetically, half of students attending class on M-T, Wednesdays for small groups, and the other half Th-F. If we cannot return to school in person, we would follow the same schedule as first quarter. We will give as much notice as possible to students and families regarding the plan for 2nd quarter and to allow time for parent/student feedback.

Option 2

Students and families may choose to do a fully online option for the fall semester. This would be done through our online program Edgenuity and students would be assigned the appropriate core classes based on grade level and offer a limited selection of online electives. In this scenario, students would not have daily direct teacher support or guidance and therefore we suggest this option only be used by students who are self-motivated, organized and have excellent time management skills. We will set up daily notifications for parents regarding student progress and administration can help support with limited technical issues. We do not recommend this option for students who are not familiar with online learning, but it is open to all students. If a student completes a course ahead of schedule, you can contact administration to load another course.


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