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Dear DATA Families,

As a charter school, we are required to gather standardized testing data to monitor the
academic growth of our students. This year, all schools are required to gather baseline
student achievement data due to the year and a half of virtual learning. DATA uses NWEA
MAP short cycle assessments in math, reading and science. We will be testing students
next Wednesday, September 8th. The daily schedule will be the same so there is no need to
adjust drop off or pick up times. We will still serve breakfast and lunch and schedule breaks
for students.

Last year students tested remotely, this is not an option this year. However, students who
are taking courses online through Edgenuity will be contacted by Ms Porras, Dean of
Students, to set up a remote testing date.

We will share test results with parents and students during our parent conferences on
September 14th. This is a formative assessment and is not tied to course grades. MAP
Growth results gives teachers detailed, actionable information they can use to guide
instruction and better support students. It measures progress over the school year and
across school years in mathematics, reading and science.

MAP Growth is computer adaptive and adjusts the difficulty of each question
based on the student’s previous answer. If they answer a question correctly, the next
question is more challenging. If they answer incorrectly, the next one is easier. This results
in a detailed picture of what students know and are ready to learn—whether it’s on, above,
or below their grade level. It’s possible they may get questions on content they haven’t
learned before.

MAP Growth will pause a student’s test if they’re rushing through and clicking
any response. This allows a teacher or proctor to check in and remind students to try their
best. If they continue to rush, we will need to retest them to get a more accurate picture of
what they know and are ready to learn.

As with everything this year, we need to make some adjustments, this time, for our NWEA testing next Wednesday September 8th. Due to technical difficulties, borrowed laptops not returned from last year, we will need to have some students stay home and take the test virtually. We did this last year and it went very smoothly.

If your student will stay home on Wednesday and take the NWEA MAP test virtually, please click the link below and type in the name and grade of your student. We need this information by Monday afternoon so we can create the testing sessions and assure the students have been assigned the correct tests.

Students on Edgenuity, E2020, will be contacted by our Dean of Students, Ms Porras, to set up a date and time for taking this test.

Again, I apologize for the confusion and thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

Lisa Myhre
Director, DATA