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Hello DATA Community!

We wanted to give you some information before school starts about the beginning of school days, logistics, etc.

  • Jumpstart days are REQUIRED and will be used to give out schedules, go over supply lists, discuss rules and other structures, etc., and will be as follows:
    • Monday August 9th – Seniors
    • Tuesday August 10th – Juniors
    • Wednesday August 11th – Sophomores
    • Thursday August 12th – Freshman
    • Friday August 13th – 7th/8th grade
    • These days students will come from 9 – 12, we will send out more details on these as we get closer.  We are currently working on a virtual/online way of communicating this for our students who will not be in person.  
  • The first day of official classes is August 16th for ALL grades.
  • Students who wish to stay either virtual (taking their classes during scheduled times on Discord with a teacher from home**) or online (taking their classes asynchronously on Edgenuity without direct teacher interaction), please contact
  • The schedule for classes will be sent out during jumpstart days, but the times students are required to be in school will be 8am – 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and on Wednesdays it will be 8am – 1:50pm.
  • COVID requirements will be communicated before jumpstart days commence, we have to ensure that the Public Education Department, State of New Mexico, and Albuquerque Schools recommendations and requirements are clear and communicated.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!
Mr. MacDonald, principal


Quick clarification on virtual learning via Discord.

We are merely asking parents who are interested in this learning platform to contact us so we know how many want it and if it can be offered.  ALL CLASSES are going to be face to face unless:
A) the state, PED, or APS, state that we can’t go back to face to face learning (which is unlikely), or
B) You are working completely online on Edgenuity.
Those who want to do Discord learning MAY be able to be accommodated given a variety of things out of our control.