DATA Students and Families,

Thank you to all who attended the Class of 2020 College Kickoff presentation last week. I hope that you found it helpful. Summer is a great time to research your interests and colleges so that you become inspired! It is also the perfect time to get involved with your community by volunteering, a part-time job, or other summer programs.

If you were not able to attend the presentation, start off by reviewing the PowerPoint and either of the Campus Visit handouts if you will be going to any colleges this summer. Out-of-state college info is included in the WUE Handout as well as the Colleges that Meet 100% of Need handout. If you want an idea of all the college activities going on Senior year, check out the College Prep Timeline. If anyone would like to send me back the survey, that would be appreciated as well. All of these resources can be found at the bottom of this.

If you have questions, you can reach out via email as I will be checking my inbox periodically throughout the summer.

Kristin Reeder


Digital Arts & Technology Academy