Hello DATA families. We have had a great start to the year and thank you for your support and patience. After two weeks we are beginning to see increased numbers of students and staff who are sick. This Is a combination of flu, colds, and COVID. Our reported positive COVID cases are currently low, under 10, but as the year progresses, we will continue to monitor our percentage and keep you updated. Please continue to report positive cases to Mia Valdez at: attendance@datacharter.org

The attached document shows a flow chart taken from the new COVID Response Toolkit that covers the procedures we are asking staff and students to take if exposed to or test positive for COVID.  Covid Response (1).docx

This link will take you to the Toolkit if you are interested in more information: https://tb2cdn.schoolwebmasters.com/accnt_21720/site_21721/Documents/NMPED-COVID-19-Response-Tool-Kit.pdf

Should you have any questions regarding these procedures, please reach out.  

If our positive cases reach 10% for two weeks we will initiate enhanced practices such as mandatory masking, social distancing and additional cleaning. If numbers continue to rise after these practices, we will re-evaluate to determine whether or not we should go remote. We do not anticipate having to be remote for more than a few days, but will also follow all NM Department of Health and NMPED updates. 

Along these lines, we must also navigate how to best serve students when a large number of faculty and staff are out sick. Our goal is to keep students at school for in-person learning, but we may reach a point when we will need to do remote learning for a day or two because of staff absences and the shortage of substitutes. If this does occur, we will notify you via email and text to give you as much advanced notice as possible.  

Whether we go remote due to COVID numbers or the number of sick staff, students will be able to access lessons via Discord. Also, students who test positive for COVID can access lessons via Discord if they feel well enough to do so. Students who miss school due to COVID or any other Illness are expected to make up the work they missed. 

If you suspect your child has been exposed to COVID and need a rapid antigen test, we can do the test at school or provide you with a take home test. You can also get free tests using this website:  https://special.usps.com/testkits 

Thank you again for your understanding and support, we truly appreciate our DATA families and will keep you updated as we move forward.