Hello DATA Community:

Our Athletic Department is having its FALL 2021 fundraiser happening right now through December 31st. 🤩

DATA receives a portion of the funds to go towards all of our sports that we are holding this year.
Thank you for all who help us raise funds to get us new uniforms, equipment and opportunities for our athletes. Have a fundraising idea or want to help our athletic department out? Please contact Coach Rick Worthington at rick.worthington@datacharter.org
Here is the link for the online clothing store. There are two sections, first is the fan section we receive a big percentage for our sports fund. Second is a players and coach only section. This section is for practice jerseys not game, but they can customize them with their number. However, they will contact me to verify they are on a team or that you are a coach. This is just to make sure that these jerseys that are marked down to cost don’t just go to anyone. We are looking forward to your support.