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Hello DATA community!

The state of New Mexico is requiring we send this important survey out to you regarding technology use and availability at home.  Please take the following survey so that the information can be shared with the state:


Now, we wanted to make you aware of a change to the DATA weekly schedule for what we believe will be a very valuable adjustment in the way we use our time here at DATA.  We would like to have no face to face school for 5 Fridays this semester (these Fridays would be November 5th, 12th, 19th and December 3rd and 10th.  The reason for this proposal and change is to allow for the following uses on Fridays:

  • IEPs can be held without taking students out of classes, teachers can attend without missing classes
  • Students with IEPs can work with their case managers and receive support
  • Field trips can be taken without students missing classes or disrupting the schedule. DATA plans on greatly increasing field trips and other activities and wants to have a dedicated day that this can be done.
  • Teachers can collaborate on a variety of projects for the students to take part in
  • Teachers can work within the school on a variety of initiatives around equity, mental health, social emotional well-being, etc.  that can then be employed within the classrooms to create a more inclusive and meaningful experience for our students
  • Students can come into the school and work for longer periods of time on projects for classes, etc.
  • Students can work on homework, projects, essays, and other school work on a day dedicated to that work
  • Students can communicate with teachers and receive more targeted support
  • Teachers will have more time to plan, grade, and communicate via Discord so that students receive the best possible educational experience
  • Teachers can receive consistent and important professional development opportunities
  • Fridays can be used for family and community engagement events and College representative visits

The plan for these Fridays is that there would be an advisory check-in that morning.  The students may have some work from teachers on that day, but it would not be an “asynchronous work day” in terms of all classes having work for students on those days, but instead students would have more overarching projects, readings, essays, etc., that they would be able to do during this time as well as taking part in field trips, etc., as discussed above.

Some students would be allowed, and encouraged, to come into the school for a variety of supports and projects.  This would be by a sign up process and prioritized by student need.

Many schools around the nation, including some of the top schools in Boston, NYC, LA, Dallas, etc., are employing similar schedules.  Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School here in Albuquerque is also doing the same schedule and is having good results and feedback.  The education and well-being of our students is paramount in all decisions we make.  We believe this time will benefit both teachers and students to maximize learning at DATA.


If you would like to voice your opinion on these days, here is the link to the Survey for these Fridays (you may need to copy and paste link):


Thank you so much for you continued support!

DATA Administration