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Hello DATA,

The governor has announced that the mask mandate across the state has been lifted.  The exception to that rule is nursing homes and hospitals.  Charter schools and districts are making the determination whether to continue with the mandate or make masks optional on their own.

Given a great deal of thought and conversation here at DATA, we have decided to continue our mask mandate, as is, until March 11th.  During this time, we will monitor the health situation in the state, and also within districts/schools that have gone to voluntary mask policies to ensure that cases have gone down and it is in the best interest of our community to lift the mandate.  Mask mandates have been lifted and then reimposed before and we want to recognize and honor that we have teachers and families with students that are more susceptible to severe illness due to COVID-19.

Our policy will continue to be that indoors students wear masks unless eating/drinking while seated.  Outdoor students can be unmasked if they desire to be.  The policy continues to apply to parents and all visitors to the school during this time.  We want what is best for our school community, and the learning and health for our students is paramount, therefore we believe this short extension of the mandate is best.

After March 11th, if the mask mandate continues to be lifted, and the data supports it, we will make masks voluntary as well.  Thank you so much for your continued support and patience, our students have truly been SO good at wearing their masks for the last 1.5 years!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or call the school. 

A few more reminders:

  • Next Monday and Tuesday there is NO school for students.  Wednesday will be parent/advisor conferences, please contact your student’s advisor if you have not yet planned a conference.  These can be held online or face to face.
  • March 11th is the last day of regular Quarter 3 classes.  Grades will be finalized the following week and report cards digital sent the week after Spring Break.
  • March 14th – 18th are our “Immersives”, where students will do deep dives into one or two activities that may be at the school or in the community.  Expect information and communication about those to be sent very soon.
  • March 21st – 25th is Spring break.