Hello DATA community!

We wanted to make you aware that grades for last semester are finalized and available on Tyler under Semester 1, both for the first and second 9 weeks.  For those few students who have an I, for incomplete, those should be getting resolved very soon with the teacher on a case by case basis.   We also wanted to make you aware that DATA Administration has made some decisions regarding grades.  We have been getting guidance from the Public Education Department and talking with teachers and students/parents to get an idea of what would be the most beneficial, equitable, and consistent thing we can do regarding grades given the pandemic.

What we have decided is that all students receiving Fs this school year will instead receive an NG, or no No Grade.  The rationale for this is that the result is ultimately the same, the student has to retake the course for both an F or a NG, however, an F has a tremendously negative impact on the GPA of a student with lasting effects.  Giving the global pandemic, forced virtual learning, economic/racial/political turmoil, we feel there is a blanket “extenuating circumstance” for everyone.  We don’t believe students should get credit for courses that they did not successfully complete, but we also don’t believe that that should have such a lasting effect on their academic record.

Another change we are making is to change all Ds to Ss, or Satisfactory.  Again, the effect is the same that they receive credit for their class.  However, an S has no effect on the GPA, which we feel is more equitable and flexible given the current situation in our country.   These changes WILL NOT be reflected on Tyler, but WILL BE reflected on the transcript.  So when you login to Tyler, please keep in mind when you see an F that it will be changed to a NG on the transcript.

Lastly, CNM grades have been received from CNM and will be entered into Tyler and the transcripts this coming week!  We continue to offer rigorous and challenging courses to our students and want to make sure that we are also showing flexibility and accommodation as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you!

DATA Admin