Hello DATA Community!

In light of the APS decision to go remote until January, given current guidance by PED, we wanted to clarify what DATA intends on doing for this semester and the rest of the year.  We will continue our plan as previously stated.  That means that we will assess the situation in late September/early October and see what PED and the Governor’s guidance is regarding school re-openings.  If we have the go ahead to go to Hybrid at that time, we will shift to a hybrid schedule for the 2nd quarter, which starts on October 15th, otherwise we will continue to do our virtual model until the end of the semester.  We will do the same assessment for next semester in January and the 4th quarter in March.

In the case that DATA does move to a hybrid model, any parent/student who wishes to remain online will be able to do so.  We will continue to offer online learning and will communicate what that will look like in the case that we move to hybrid.  No student will be forced to attend face to face/hybrid learning if they are not comfortable or do not feel safe, student/parent needs will be accommodated.  Expect more communication about our plans moving forward in early October.  Our priority is always the safety and learning of your students.  Thank you for your continued diligence and support, we appreciate you and your students greatly!  Stay safe and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Mr. MacDonald