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Good evening DATA families, as you know our in-person re-opening date was moved to April 26th. Renovations have been completed in some parts of the building, but not all, so wanted to give you an update. The following teachers will continue to remain virtual starting April 26th, we will let you know when and if this changes.

 Virtual: Mr. Burke, Ms. Bibiano, and Ms. Grilo

All other teachers will be on campus, although Mrs. Piechota will be in a different location, and there may be some adjustments to teacher schedules as we move forward so we ask for your patience and understanding.

If your plans have changed in terms of in-person or virtual, please email

All of the requirements stated in our previous email regarding in-person learning still remain:

  • You will need to download “Dr Owl” and use that as a check-in before students are allowed on campus.
  • Face masks must be worn while on campus.
  • No food will be served so students will need to bring a sack lunch that does not require a refrigerator or microwave.
  • All water fountains have be shut down so students must bring their own water bottle to school. We will have bottled water available in classrooms.
  • The main hallway of the school will be off limits to students due to renovations so students will need to use outdoor exits to proceed to their next classes.
  • Hallways, passing periods, restrooms, and lunch will be monitored by staff to help ensure social distancing to the greatest extent possible.
  • Again our drop off time is 8:45-9:00 am and our pick up time is from 2:00-2:15 pm. We cannot promise monitoring of students outside these times, but will do our best to accommodate our families.

The PED has also required schools to offer surveillance testing to students, more information will follow. It is not mandatory and parents can choose to opt in to this option for their students. However, it will not be any different from what you can currently do through the Department of Health website using this link:

If you have any questions or would like the original email regarding in-person learning resent to you, please reach out.

— DATA Admin