Dear DATA community, based on the growing number of students who have been reported as being in quarantine, sick, or COVID positive we feel it is in the best interest and safety of our families and staff to begin remote learning starting January 18th and resuming in person on January 25th. We have had our student absences grow to 30% within the last few days and faculty and staff reports of symptoms are also growing. Due to the shortage of COVID tests it is more difficult to confirm positive cases and thus we must ask any individual who is exhibiting symptoms to treat it as though it were COVID and stay home until symptom free and fever free for 24hrs.

Tomorrow will be a regular day and we will have classes in person. We have a limited amount of laptops available for checkout so please, if you request one make sure it is truly necessary in order for your student to participate in remote learning. Please email me with your request.

Monday is a holiday, so students will meet in their classes via Discord Tuesday-Friday, The schedule for the week is below with start times for each period.

Tuesday and Thursday.                        Wednesday                                  Friday

1st period.  8:25                                    2nd period.  8:25.                        2nd period.  8:25.

3rd period   9:55.                                  4th period.   9:55                         4th period.   9:55

Lunch 11:20-12:00                                Lunch.     11:20-12:00                 Lunch.     11:20-12:00

5th period   12:05                                  6th period.   12:05                       Advisory.  12:05

7th period.   1:35                                                                                           6th period.   1:35

We do not take this decision lightly and believe it is best to take this action now versus waiting until the numbers rise. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

Lisa Myhre