Hello DATA families, as we come to the end of this remote week we need data from you to ensure we can continue to limit the spread of COVID within the school. We ask that you call or email to report if your student is sick (we know this may be a simple cold or flu, but with the lack of testing availability have to assume it may be COVID related), has tested positive for COVID, or if they have been exposed to a confirmed positive case. We will use this data to determine if we need to continue remote learning at this time. We believe this is a temporary situation, but do not want to make a decision without data and then have to close again in a week or so. I know this is a stressful time for all of us and we are trying to do our best to maintain consistency while still ensuring our families and students are safe.

Please report if your student is sick, has tested positive for COVID, or has been exposed to a confirmed positive case either through the number or email below. We know that your student may still be able to attend remote classes and we will not count them absent, attendance is taken in the classes so if they show up remotely they are counted present. Thank you again for being so darn great. I am so proud and fortunate to have such an incredible student and family base.

Attendance Line:  505-341-0888.  You will be prompted to press “3” to report an absence 

Email:  Mia.Valdez@datacharter.org