July 27, 2020

Good morning everyone. Attached you will find some additional details and steps for the start of first quarter and our Jumpstart days. We will be starting virtually and hope to move into a hybrid model when allowed. Please read the attached and do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

For those of you who have indicated you need a computer, we are currently working on getting them ready. We hope to have them available for pick up by Tuesday, August 4th. In order for this to work smoothly PLEASE do the following as soon as possible:

Email Mia.valdez@datacharter.org with the Subject Heading: Need Computer. And include your name, student name and grade level in the email.

We will send out another email the end of this week or next Monday outlining the pick up and check out procedure.

Thank you,

Lisa Myhre

START OF SCHOOL DETAILS   (<– click this attachment)