Students, Families, Staff and DATA Visitors,

As you know, DATA has been working diligently to develop programming and a learning environment that keeps our students learning and returns us to actual classrooms as soon as it is safe for students and teachers.  DATA procedures and policies in response to the coronavirus pandemic meet the state health order requirements, and we ask all to do our part so we can return to school as soon as possible.  To this end, please know that students and families are not to come to the building, except as requested by DATA staff (i.e. if asked to pick up work from the front desk or front door area on prearranged schedules until such time as we are able to safely return to school in a hybrid or greater situation).

Though we will be starting the year virtually, school will officially be in session and teachers have already started coming to school to work, etc.. We have a clear mandate that all people entering the building will be required to wear a mask as delineated below.  Again, students and families are restricted from coming to the building unless specifically requested for DATA to meet your educational needs.  If you are asked to come to the building you and anyone with you will be required to wear a mask while on school property as explained below. 

  • Staff will bring masks to work every day and are required to wear them in hallways and at anytime they are meeting with others, including in halls.  Staff may remove masks when working alone in their office or classroom by themselves.  For this reason, visitors are asked to knock before entering offices and classrooms to allow staff to replace their mask before meeting with you.  If you are talking to another individual anywhere in the building, you must wear your mask.
  • All people in the building must wear a mask when talking with each other, this includes front office staff or anyone else inside or outside the building.
  • Our front desk staff has been asked to insure all people entering the building are wearing masks. Please be considerate and courteous of them, as they will ask you to return with a mask, if you have not arrived with one.
  • You can be in a courtyard alone or with another individual without a mask only as long as you are socially distancing (6 feet or greater between participants in groups no larger than 5 people).
  • You can work outside without a mask, so long as social distancing is maintained at all times.

If and when we are able to return to school either in a hybrid/part time or full time school day situation, these requirements will be reviewed and updated to adhere to any federal and/or state health related orders and are at the discretion of School Administration to insure the safety of all people who attend or visit the school.

Staff are currently under the following orders as well, and visitors to the building are expected to also follow these healthy steps to protect themselves and those around you.

If you have the following symptoms, you are NOT to come into work/school:

  • fever (100.4 or greater)
  • persistent cough
  • body aches
  • loss of taste or smell

If you have these symptoms, you will be asked to not come into work/school and/or show that you have a recent negative COVID-19 test.  Testing is currently available at sites around the city and can be located and registered for at  At the time of this posting, health orders and acts require that testing be provided free of charge.

  • Lastly, if you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or presumed to be positive, please do not come into work/school. The state mandates that you quarantine for 14 days after possible exposure and/or coming back from out of state travel. Schedule a COVID-19 test near day 7-8 of your quarantine to document your negative status before returning to work/school.  This correlates to new CDC guidelines that require a minimum quarantine of 10 days while meeting the 14 day state requirement and testing. Current estimates are a 5 day turn around on test results from NM Dept of health testing sites.

 Thank you for taking our policies seriously as we strive to create a safe and healthy environment for all of our community.