Tyler SIS access for Students

There are 2 ways to access student class/grade information:


  1. From a computer/laptop with Internet Access:
    1. Go to “sdm.sisk12.com/NMDA”
    2. Click on the “STUDENT” heading
    3. In the “User Name” field, enter the username which will be their 6-digit Student ID number.
      1. Advisors / Teachers will provide the Student ID number from their gradebooks – in the home view, click the “ACTIONS” dropdown on the right and select “Roster Query”. The students will be listed along with their ID numbers and can be printed from that screen.
    4. In the “Password” field, enter the student’s birthday in a 6-digit format (mmddyy). Example: for a DOB of January 17, 2004 – the password would be “011704”. The student will be asked to enter a new password.


  1. From a phone (android or apple):
    1. Search for and download the “Tyler SIS Student 360” app
    2. Click “continue”
    3. Enter the zip code (87107)
    4. Select “Digital Arts and Technology Academy” from the search results
    5. Select Student and follow the same login instructions from above.


** If a student forgets their password, there is a password reset feature that can be used, however the student must have a valid email address already in Tyler