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DATA students have the opportunity to explore the world of digital arts and technology and engage with classmates in expressing their ideas. Digital Arts and Technology Academy is a public charter school for grades 7-12 in Albuquerque, NM. 

DATA Administration also takes measures to  keep DATA safe. See the About page for details. 

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Why Students Like DATA

  • "I decided to try DATA, and it has been the best decision I have ever made. Because of the alternative teaching styles, my grades really went up; and for the first time in my life, I made the honor roll. I also began taking courses in areas like graphic design and architecture, which have helped me decide my future educational and career paths."

  • "I have grown and learned so much as a person, a student, and an artist. Now I am ready to take my life to the next level and make film my career. I love the students, the teachers, and the staff here. This is no ordinary high school, and it has kept me excited about learning!"

  • "The reason I graduated and made something of my life is half because of myself and half because of the amazing teachers and students at this school. It gave me the confidence I needed to seize the day and make strides towards achieving my goals."

  • "I graduated from DATA Charter 7 years ago on May 29th 2010. I wouldn't have finished High School if it wasn't for the awesome teachers I had here. I had awesome teachers and made amazing friends and am now an Assistant Teacher myself."

  • "I loved this school and the amazing teachers I had when I was there. I am thankful for everything that happened to me because of this school."

  • "I came from APS back in 2008 and almost wanted to drop out before I even attended DATA. When I attended DATA in 10th grade I still didn't have the motivation and want to learn, but the staff at DATA really puts effort towards their students and wants to see all of them succeed. I couldn't find that at a public school. DATA changed my life ENTIRELY and without the help of each staff I wouldn't be in these shoes today." Class of 2011

  • "I wouldn't have finished high school if it wasn't for the love and support I got here. I wouldn't know how to succeed if I never had DATA to show and support me. I love this school like a home."

  • "Every one is fantastic there, from the teachers to the students... It's just one big happy family..."

  • "This is a great high school. The teachers are wonderful and motivated to help every student excel in school."

    Debi Jo Dee
  • "I graduated DATA in 2011 and it wouldn't have been possible with out the amazing staff at this school. Our teachers were always hands on and very patient with me. I love you guys!!!!"

    Kelsey Milller
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