Leadership Board and finances

Message from the Director of DATA Charter

Thank you for exploring Digital Arts and Technology Academy. Here at DATA you will find a caring, supportive, yet challenging academic experience. We believe that an environment that inspires, trusts, honors, and engages students will result in all students achieving at their highest level. Our goal is to provide a challenging and successful academic experience for each and every student while supporting students as they navigate through social and personal growth.


We offer courses required to earn a New Mexico high school diploma. Each student must earn core credits in English, history, math and science. Students are also required to earn a number of elective credits, along with one dual-credit collegiate and/or Advanced Placement course. Please see our Program of Study for details about our courses.

The faculty and staff at DATA believe in the potential every student holds and thus we are diligent in creating an environment that allows students to challenge themselves while providing the support to ensure success. Our faculty works collaboratively to address individual student needs by providing tutoring, cross-curricular assignments and additional support before and after school, and by offering increased rigor through Advanced Placement opportunities. In the 2017-18 school year we had students sit for AP exams in U.S. History, Calculus, English and Spanish.

I would also like to emphasize the close relationship DATA has with Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) and the University of New Mexico. Many of our students take advantage of dual credit opportunities which results in gaining both high school and free college credit. Currently DATA has dual credit courses that are aligned with CNM curricula in computer aided design (CAD), PC repair, film, and digital editing. These courses are taught on our campus by our instructors. There are also many other dual credit opportunities for students to take on-line or on campus at CNM and UNM.


We are proud of the caring community we have established here at DATA. Students, staff, and parents work together to ensure each child continues to grow and improve both academically and personally. We have an educational environment that supports the development of communication, technology, problem solving, and collaborative skills that will benefit our students now and in post-secondary settings.

We have high expectations for our students and believe a cohesive school community is based on respect, integrity, kindness, and a commitment to diversity. Our policies emphasize the importance of caring, understanding and the acceptance of diverse points of view. We believe every individual has a responsibility to engage and participate in maintaining our culture and valuing different perspectives in order to become productive, globally aware citizens.

Lisa Myhre, Director of DATA Charter

Governing Board & Finances for School/State

A Board of Trustees governs the Digital Arts and Technology Academy. Board members bear the ultimate responsibility for the school, although the day-to-day operation of the school is delegated to the Executive Director, Ms. Lisa Myhre, who hires the administrators, teachers and other staff. The DATA Board currently consists of Ms. Jennifer McDonald, President; Mr. Omar Durant, Secretary; Ms. Deborah Martinez, Vice President; and Ms. Tara Groneman, Member. Membership on the Board is renewed annually.

1. For Board Meeting details: Click any of the buttons listed below. For the agenda, paperwork, financials, or approved minutes of more recent meetings or meetings prior to what is listed, contact Mrs. Quisenberry at kris.quisenberry@datacharter.org.

2. Meetings: The Board meets once a month during most months of the school year, and it oversees the academic and financial direction of the school. Meetings are open to the public. To attend a meeting, please contact Mrs. Quisenberry at 505-341-0888 x247 or kris.quisenberry@datacharter.org. A copy of the agenda for the next Board meeting will be posted below when it is finalized a few days prior.

3. For the Board Manual/By-Laws: click here.

4. To contact the Board: click here.

5. For information on NM State Government spending, budgets, revenues, employees and more: visit www.sunshineportalnm.com.

Leadership Team

DATA is led by a visionary team of educators with a vast collection of experience and expertise who have taken DATA from an idea to a leading charter school.

Lisa Myhre (She/Her)

Executive Director

Alix Rael (SHE/HER)

Division Head Grades 7-9

Jeanette Perez (she/her)

Division Head Grades 10-12