Course Description

In this course students will discover the history, socio-political landscapes, and creativity that influenced performance artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. Students will learn theory and apply that theory in practice.

Students will not only be learning and garnering a better understanding of the past, they will also have the opportunity to create performances based on the theatrical techniques studied throughout theater’s history.

DRAMA I – Introduction to Acting

Course Description

The aim of this class is to awaken the imagination, emotion, and intellect of the student actor by making him/her aware of the transforming power and universality of theatre and the skills required to achieve excellence in performance. It is the beginning of the actor’s journey of exploration to uncover the meaning and vision of any play and playwright in order to discover the “who, why, where, when and how” of each character to best serve the vision of the play. Finally, this course will stress both the actor’s ability to use “self” (body, mind, and experience) in a believable, honest way, as well as his/her willingness and resilience to transform that “self” beyond its pre-established boundaries.

In this class, students will explore various acting techniques based on theatre exercises and games, voice/speech/movement exercises, monologue work, and scene partner work. Within each unit, students will challenge themselves to learn new skills, refine previous acting experience, and demonstrate the ability to collaborate in the classroom.

This course is designed to encourage students to engage and express themselves creatively through the medium of acting. The course also emphasizes the importance of working individually, with scene partners, as well as a member of an ensemble. An importance will be placed on diversity in scene work, script selection, and casting. As a result, this will expose students to the potential theatre has, to cross borders and thrive as an inclusive art form.

In addition, this course will prepare students for the remaining theater courses they may take at DATA as well as ready them for a college career in acting and beyond.

DRAMA II – Production and Performance

Course Description

This course provides an applied laboratory study of the processes involved in the production of a play. Students will gain useful knowledge and skills in the area of producing a theatrical production that will help them succeed in their future careers in the theatre whether on or off the stage.

This course will focus on the fundamental practices, principles, and techniques associated with producing a play from the ground up. Students will have the choice and/or opportunity to participate on stage as an actor in the production of the play, behind the scenes as a part of the technical crew, or the production team.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to hear from guest experts in the field and witness first-hand the professional expectations and applied practices of play production.


Course Description

In this course, students will learn the basic tools necessary to write a play. Students will learn the fundamentals of dramatic structure including, but not limited to: plot, character, diction, thought, spectacle, and melody.

This course will also discuss the role of the playwright in the professional theater. Students will garner the knowledge of the play submission process and will be encourage to submit their work locally and regionally.