Faculty and Staff

Our teachers come from a wide range of educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds. Our school’s high-set academic bar and exciting elective programs have attracted professionals with decades of experience in fields ranging from film to information technology to animation. Our goal is to be the best at what we do, and we do our best together. We’re here because we love to teach.

Vision and Mission

DATA’s VISION: To develop creative, independent, thinkers capable of choosing their own path and purpose.

DATA’s MISSION: Designing supportive learning environments that promote academic curiosity, social justice, equity, joy and empathetic practices.

Contact Faculty

To contact our teachers, email them, call the school, or message them through the school’s Discord server. Our faculty is available to help students earn their highest success while at our school. DATA faculty also sponsors student grade levels through advisory courses. These advisory groups meet daily in an effort to assist with academic, social and emotional needs for the student and their family. Faculty also take on club sponsorship roles and more to help enrich the lives and experience of all of our students. 

Enrollment is Now Open