Our Vision and Mission Statement

DATA's VISION: To develop creative, independent, thinkers capable of choosing their own path and purpose.

DATA's MISSION: Designing supportive learning environments that promote academic curiosity, social justice, equity, joy and empathetic practices.


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Enrolled in College



"A" Grade

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Our Students

DATA High School is a community of creative student scholars, passionately dedicated to achieving at high levels both technically and academically. DATA students come from a wide range of backgrounds from all over the globe. As students at one of the largest charter high schools in New Mexico, they are constantly challenged to succeed, not only in the classic educational areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, but also in such ranging fields as Film, Graphic Arts, PC Repair, CAD, and Drama. These scholars have been honored at statewide competitions for both academic achievements and technical prowess.

The DATA Special Education program is uniquely designed to assist high school students with special needs achieve a higher level of personal success and self-sufficiency than is normally available in other schools, due to our low student-to-teacher ratio.

Student Life

Faculty and Staff

Our teachers come from a wide range of educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds. Our school’s high-set academic bar and exciting elective programs have attracted professionals with decades of professional experience in fields ranging from film to information technology to animation. Our goal is to be the best at what we do, and we do our best together. We’re here because we love to teach.

  • Stephen Schum (He/Him)
    Stephen Schum (He/Him) Science Instructor
  • Yvonne Kahn (She/Her)
    Yvonne Kahn (She/Her) Social Worker
  • Julia Brennan (She/Her)
    Julia Brennan (She/Her) Middle School Language Arts / History Teacher
  • Elijah Penny (He/Him)
    Elijah Penny (He/Him) Mathematics Instructor
  • Denise Bibiano (She/Her)
    Denise Bibiano (She/Her) Science Teacher
  • Heather Yeo (She/Her)
    Heather Yeo (She/Her) Theatre Instructor
  • Colleen Gallegos (She/Her)
    Colleen Gallegos (She/Her) 7th Grade Math, Science & History
  • Joy Martinez (She/Her)
    Joy Martinez (She/Her) Certified Special Ed Teacher
  • Cindy Chavez (She/Her)
    Cindy Chavez (She/Her) Counselor
  • Isabelle Post (She/Her)
    Isabelle Post (She/Her) Educational Assistant
  • Stephanie Jaramillo (she/her)
    Stephanie Jaramillo (she/her) Special Education Instructor / Team Sports
  • Dhaveed Woody (he/him)
    Dhaveed Woody (he/him) Arts Instructor
  • Gilbert Uribe (he/him)
    Gilbert Uribe (he/him) Music Instructor
  • Jamie Phillips (he/him)
    Jamie Phillips (he/him) Humanities Instructor
  • Zachary Burke (He/Him)
    Zachary Burke (He/Him) English Instructor
  • Sue Cote (She/Her)
    Sue Cote (She/Her) Mathematics Instructor
  • Jeanette Perez (she/her)
    Jeanette Perez (she/her) Dean of Students
  • Mia Valdez (She/Her)
    Mia Valdez (She/Her) Front Desk Receptionist
  • Rick Worthington (He/Him)
    Rick Worthington (He/Him) Resource Officer / Security Officer
  • Pam Buser (She/Her)
    Pam Buser (She/Her) STARS Coordinator / Registrar
  • Diane Styma (She/Her)
    Diane Styma (She/Her) Special Education Instructor
  • Meg Seaton (She/Her)
    Meg Seaton (She/Her) Art Instructor
  • Brooks Rudolph (He/Him)
    Brooks Rudolph (He/Him) Film Production Instructor
  • Tara Groneman (She/Her)
    Tara Groneman (She/Her) Government/Economics, Health/NM History Instructor
  • Steven Zoncki (He/Him)
    Steven Zoncki (He/Him) Science Instructor
  • Lynette Quintana (She/Her)
    Lynette Quintana (She/Her) Assistant Business Manager
  • Kris Quisenberry (She/Her)
    Kris Quisenberry (She/Her) Human Resources Coordinator
  • Alix Rael (She/Her)
    Alix Rael (She/Her) Social Studies Instructor
  • Gena Lawson (She/Her, They/Them)
    Gena Lawson (She/Her, They/Them) Graphic Design / Animation / Film Editing Instructor
  • Joshua Stuyvesant (He/Him)
    Joshua Stuyvesant (He/Him) PC Repair Instructor & IT Director
  • Lisa Myhre (She/Her)
    Lisa Myhre (She/Her) Executive Director
  • Kristin Reeder (She/Her)
    Kristin Reeder (She/Her) Head School Counselor
  • Justin MacDonald (He/Him)
    Justin MacDonald (He/Him) Principal

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Albuquerque, NM 87107
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